Preschoolers and their Pets

October has been a busy month for the Skokie interns! Earlier this month, I made my first solo trip to the British Infant School for storytime. I was lucky enough to observe Miss Laura do her storytime at the same preschool, so I felt comfortable that morning. I was just as excited to present my storytime, as the kids were to hear it. The theme is “pets,” because 1. I am an overenthusiastic dog mom to my own dog, Daisy and 2. Having kids make animal sounds is so fun! I tried to keep the energy in the room up and positive. The kids were responsive to the books I brought, to the counting activity we did, and to the puppet “pets” that came along with me. However, their favorite activity was “walking the dog,” with scarves. We walked them around the rug, then did tricks like sit, jump, and roll over! With all the fun we had, I think everyone needed an afternoon nap—including myself!

Last week, Quetzalli, Lydia M., and I travelled to Tinley Park to the ILA Conference. We got to meet librarians and see what’s going on with libraries all over the state. I attended mostly Youth Services-focused sessions, which reaffirmed things I’ve already been trying to work on—like including diverse characters and authors in early childhood programming—and added some new ideas—like having adaptive and accessible resources in storytime for young patrons with special needs. My favorite session was one about getting ideas for programming from unique sources, which has sparked my creativity. I’ve been looking for ideas wherever I go now! 

In addition to collecting resources for preschool teachers, and working at the Youth Services desk, things have really been ramping up. I have been excited about the work I’ve been doing, and have been trying to soak up everything I can!


First Preschool Visit

How exhilarating to read, sing, and dance with such an engaged audience! Any nervousness that I felt before going to the British Infants school melted away once I actually began my storytime. Having seem some of the staff here at Skokie do their storytimes–all of whom did it so naturally and passionately–I knew I had a lot to live up to when I did my own storytime. Each person’s personality shines through their storytimes. I hope that with more practice that storytime will come as naturally to me as our Skokie staff; and then I can shine too. The children a the school were all excited to tell me about their day, about all the bird facts that they knew (since birds was the topic of our storytime), and anything else that popped into their heads. Admittedly, I was not the best at getting them to calm down and listen to the story. I was just as excited as them and wanted to listen to everything they had to say to me. After storytime, some of the children cam up to me and shyly asked if they could hug me and my puppets. That moment reaffirmed my desire to become a Youth Services librarian.


Blogging Guidelines

The following are guidelines to (hopefully!) help make this blog a useful reflective, learning, and dialogical process for each of you:

  • Create a blog post at least monthly of at least 200 words by the end of each month, September 2019 through May 2020.


  • Menu of possible blog prompts (feel free to mix-and-match or come up with your own question!):
    • What are you learning?
    • How does what you are learning connect with what you are learning in your classes? Does it contrast with it in any way?
    • What has surprised you about your work and internship? What have you learned from that?
    • What have you realized that you don’t know enough about yet? What plans have you made to learn more about that area/topic?
    • Who have you met recently who has impacted you and why?
    • What experiences have you had that may inform the decisions you make about your library career, in terms of your area of focus, what kind of library you want to work in, etc.?
    • How have you seen the relevance of equity, diversity, and inclusion issues during your internship work recently?
    • What have you not (yet) been able to experience or learn that you would like to and why?


  • Read both other interns’ blog posts.


  • Respond to both other interns’ posts with about 50 words or so by the end of the first week of the new month. Offer some content; in other words, don’t just say that you agree or disagree but say why you agree or disagree, offer some insight, what you resonated with, connect their comments with something you are learning, or ask a follow-up question, etc.

Please let your mentor know if ever you have questions about this process, and happy blogging!


Orientation Celebration

My name is Lydia R, and I’ll be working in Community Engagement with a youth focus for this year’s internship at Skokie Public Library in conjunction with the MLIS program at Dominican University. This is my third semester at Dominican, and I’m so excited to be working at Skokie. Not only is it my childhood library, so I feel right at home, it is also my first experience working in a library. This internship is the exact opportunity I need to get a feel for public library work, and get the chance to know what path I’ll want to take after graduation next year. I am very grateful for the opportunity, and for my mentor, Holly.

We had two full days of orientation, which let us really get to know each other as a cohort. I am looking forward to building this relationship and connection with my fellow students/interns/library ladies. The three of us also got to meet many of the SPL staff members, who are all enthusiastic, friendly, and helpful. These brief interactions help me to know this is the kind of environment I want to be working in.

Learning more about the library’s strategic plan; its stance on equality, diversity, and inclusion; its staff culture; and its dedication to good customer service truly demonstrate how SPL is committed to strengthening the community by supporting schools, businesses, and individual community members. Being a part of such a welcoming environment is refreshing and exciting, and I look forward to what’s to come.


End of the 2nd of Orientation

Looking around the Youth Services department I see beautiful, messy desks that proudly shows the passion that each person here has for what they do. And I am so honored to be among them. I am excited to dive into their world head first and immerse myself in all things Youth Services. Next to my computer is a stack of picture books. Already I looked through the stack to see if I recognize any of the titles; I do not, so I have some reading to do later when I find the time. Looking at the calendar of events, I get excited about the knitting and crocheting events on Tuesdays, the Harry Potter day, the Gentle Plays. I’m excited not just at the prospect of participating in them, but also at the idea that I could one day help plan such an event from the ground up. There is so much to do, and I am thrilled by the prospect of being able to do it all. Perhaps I want more than I can handle, but only time will tell.


Chronicles of an Intern

Day: 3

Orientation has come and gone and now beings the work.

These first few days at Skokie Public Library have been overwhelmingly positive. Each staff member has been welcoming, the building warm and inviting, and the overall feel of the community strong within the building. Although my primary focus will be in senior services, I am glad to have the opportunity to learn about librarianship in such a concrete organization.

Having grown up with a strong grandparental presence, I have a passion for working with seniors and making sure that their needs and wants are met – great start for a senior services intern, right? Well, in the short amount of time I’ve spent at the SPL thus far, it is clear that there is more to catering to our seniors than I had anticipated.

Isolation, poverty, and accessibility are just a few topics that effect our seniors liveliness. With SPL offering services such as homebound delivery, opportunities for socializing and learning through programing, even collaborations with government workers to provide resources and aid to seniors goes above and beyond my expectations.

I look forward to learning more about senior services and to collaborations with various SPL staff to learn more about the library in general. I’m honored and very proud to be welcomed to the SPL team and gain the experience of a lifetime!

Lydia Montemayor
Senior Services Intern
Skokie Public Library