Screenmatch, Final Internship Reflection, What Happens Next?

It’s hard to believe my days here at Skokie Public Library are coming to an end. It only feels like yesterday that I felt like a fresh face almost naive intern just beginning to learn the ropes of a large library. I can say without a doubt that this internship has been one of the best things that I could of ever been apart of-both personally and professionally. I look at being a librarian with a wide set of eyes, confident and re-affirming my passion for the librarianship profession.

As a result of this internship, I have gained a wide set of experiences and skills to take to libraries, public or not. And I am excited to take my skills and experiences to other libraries and really develop my career, wherever it may be.

After much thinking about my ultimate career goals, I have decided that I want to eventually go into a management role in Human Resources at a larger library or possibly go into library consulting.

As for internship wrap up, I presented a draft of Screenmatch to staff today with lots of great feedback and comments. Even though I will be ending the internship next Monday, I am excited to see final tweaks to the form and see the progression of a project that feels like my child.

Thank you all for reading and expressing interest into my internship this year. While I am sad to leave soon, I am excited for what’s ahead next!




Operations Snapshot Reflection

Last week Wednesday, we had an opportunity to do a behind the scenes tour of library operations here at Skokie. First part of the day was learning about the IT department. One of the biggest takeaways for me was how important redundancy is to the IT infrastructure. In addition, even though Skokie has it’s own department, many libraries have it’s librarians troubleshoot their own IT services so it’s important to know every aspect of technology.

The second part of the day was learning about administration. The key to Skokie’s success has been looking at the greater impact and implementing a flipped classroom model. In addition, we learned about the types of libraries in the Illinois area, budgeting, board meetings, and when the library has an FOIA request come in.

Later in the day, we learned more about maintenance and security. In the earlier part of the internship, we had an overview of security, so this session was more focused on maintenance. Some of the most important parts of this session for me was considering American Disabilities Act (ADA) laws into a building’s infrastructure, municipality codes, and the importance of having a good disaster plan ready.

However, the session that impacted me the most was meeting with Human Resources. Even though I am applying for library jobs, I realized during this session that I have a stronger interest in possibly becoming the head of a human resources department for a library rather than becoming a director. I have found a lot of experiences (both good and bad) in applying for library jobs that I could implement later in a human resources position.


Sharp Objects and Google Drive

The month of February has been incredibly busy for me, so I apologize for not posting on here. Updates:

Google Drive Class:
I taught a two part class to parents at McCracken Middle School on Google Drive. The first class I had three attendees, and the second I had one. Despite a lower attendance, it gave me an opportunity to teach a smaller class. The attendees all said they were glad that the library came to teach a class at the school, they just suggested the school should of marketed it better to the parents. All in all, it was a good experience and I got to meet some great Moms in the Skokie community.

Sharp Objects Book Discussion:
As of today I finished my two part book discussion of Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. The reason I chose this book, was because Gillian Flynn is one of my favorite authors, and with the popularity of Gone Girl, this would give readers the opportunity to experience some of her other works. Despite some poor reviews of the book, both discussions were very fluid and well thought out. Part of this experience allowed for me the opportunity to experience patrons who wanted to express concerns over the book discussion selections. And, while I am only the messenger because of being an intern, it gave me experience to be calm under perhaps a more tense environment.

Adulting: Job Edition Program:
In addition to the book discussion, and class, my career services program was held last week. This program had a low attendance, but it gave the panel an opportunity to interact with attendees more intimately. My suggestion to improve this programming, since I am one of the young professionals would be to hold something similar off site (bar, restaurant) since this is an audience that does not typically come to the library for programs. 

February has been an eventful month all around. I am continuing weeding projects, and work on my watcher’s advisory project in addition to all of this. Up next, I will discuss progress on my watcher’s advisory project,  so stay tuned!


Good to be Back

After a much needed break from school and work, I am happy to be back at my beloved Skokie. Despite this being my last semester of library school and of this internship, I am excited to continue challenging myself within my career and taking on new projects. This semester is still an extension of what I did last semester.

Teaching Tech Classes 

  • February, I will be teaching a two part class on Google drive to parents at McCracken Elementary School in Skokie.
  • April-May, I will be teaching a four part Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the Introduction of Design of Everyday Things in the BOOMBox.
  • Continuing One on One Tech classes as assigned.

Leading Book Discussions and Reader’s Advisory

  • February, leading a book discussion of Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
  • April, leading a book discussion of Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler
  • Continuing Bookmatch rotation, Booklists, and Reader’s Advisory work


  • Weeding Mystery collection based on condition, duplication, and circulation statistics.

Desk Time

  • Continuing regular desk hours at Reference, Reader’s Services, and AV.

Independent Study

  • Finally, my project I think I am the most excited about. Creating a Reader’s Advisory platform for TV Shows and Movies!

​Stay tuned!


What’s Next?

It’s so hard to believe that my Skokie Public Library Internship is half over! I will be taking a much needed winter break back in Wisconsin for the next two weeks. But before I do that, I want to take the time to say how truly amazing this opportunity has been for my professional career and I am excited for the next semester portion of my internship. For those of you have not looked at the Spring Semester page, I will be working on a few ongoing projects that will be carrying over from this semester. These projects include; Romance section weeding, Skokie centennial web reformatting, tech classes, and my career services program in February.

But an even larger project will be starting up that I am very excited to tell you all about As part of the internship, I am required to take LIS 801: Independent Study in Library and Information Science. On the Dominican University GSLIS page, the Independent Study is “directed and supervised projects of independent study. Limited to students having a grade point average of 3.3 or above who have a sufficient background to work independently.” For Skokie, this research is designed to help fill potential gaps in services not currently being offered. For Dominican, it provides students an opportunity to research in the field that could lead to works potentially being published in library journals. So, it is a win-win for everyone. I will admit, the idea for this project was very difficult to come up with. I mean, it is like next to impossible to come up with gaps in service at a 5 star library! But, after lots of brainstorming and conversation with my Skokie mentor Lynnanne Pearson, we both went back to my initial interview, where we discussed my strong passion for Reader’s advisory. Since starting this internship, I have had opportunity to provide Reader’s Advisory by collaborating and sending out recommendations through our Bookmatch service. However, while on desk time at the AV desk, I have noticed lots of patrons asking about recommendations for movies, TV shows, and music. So, my idea is simple. Offer a platform for reader’s advisory similar to Bookmatch, but only it would be catered to multimedia formats. I have heard of other libraries that have librarians trained to provide these recommendations and some libraries even offer a similar platform that we are looking to offer. But, not much research has been done on multimedia advisory and the libraries that offer these services are very slim, so I am excited to come up with my own research and talk to those who are currently offering this service.

I am so excited to start on this project next semester, and I thank everyone again at Skokie Public Library and at Dominican University GSLIS, for offering such a great opportunity to foster new ideas and bring out my passions in a profession I truly love.



Last Few Weeks of Practicum

unnamed2Hello All!

​These last few weeks have been a bit crazy as I have been finishing up and starting new projects here at Skokie and for my Collection Management class. This week, I have started an ongoing project to weed the Romance section. So far, I have only pulled materials for my cart, and when I am at the Reader’s Services desk I will be scanning items to see if they fit the weeding criteria. My weeding criteria is as follows:

1) Items in poor, worn or ugly condition that are candidates for replacement or withdrawal
2) Low-circulating older items that didn’t come up in collection check because of one checkout (esp. if the checkout was an ILL)
3) Duplicate copies of older items that have an average turnover rate of less than 4 per title, especially when the author is very well-represented in our collection.
4) High-circulating single-copy older items, which might warrant adding another copy
5) General observations about areas that are not doing as well, are over- or under-represented, etc.

I am excited to see this collection shape into something more visually appealing, and to possibly better represent all types of romantic relationships.

In terms of finishing projects, one of my requirements for the Practicum portion of the internship is to write a paper on a topic I’m currently working on. I decided to write my paper on the importance of offering career services in public libraries and the program I planned for next semester that is geared towards young professionals. To read my entire research, see the bottom of my post.

I also taught a basics iPad class the last two weeks on Monday nights. The first class had a few kinks that needed to be worked out. I have never taught such a basic introductory class as a regular iPad user, my pace was much quicker than the class could handle. The second class, however went much better. I was more patient with the class, my pace was slower, and I felt like I had more control of the class.  The only other project that I have been working on since I previously posted is updating the Skokie centennial page on the Skokie Wiki redevelopment. This project is ongoing, so more is continued to come!




Conference {ing} #ila2015

From Wednesday until Saturday this week, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer, present, and attend the Illinois Library Association’s A Library State of Mind conference in Peoria, Illinois. This conference was especially unique since it allowed for librarians in various library settings to come together and collaborate.

The beginning and end of the conference looked to the thought process of balancing our personal and professional lives. The opening speaker of the conference was Shankar Vedantam, a social science correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR) who has researched human behaviors in social sciences to gain new thought processes for how we interpret the news. Friday’s keynote speaker towards the end of the conference was Beck Tench, a former journalist who has worked with various organizations to develop better risk taking skills. One of my favorite quotes from this keynote presentation was simply “You are only one choice away”. It’s a powerful and simplistic way of looking at our choices. Another part of this keynote I really liked was the use of incorporating morning pages exercises. This was also featured in another session during the conference, which I did not get to attend.


Poster Session presentation

Other than the keynotes, I attended sessions on YA book clubs for adults and academic library programming. But my favorite session would have to be the design hacks for the Francis Parker school library. The reason why I liked this session was because there is a planning and design of library space class offered at Dominican but I am unable to take it. So, this session really provided a nice crash course overview of library spaces.

Aside from sessions, I volunteered at the registration desk for four hours, in return for free full registration to the conference (pretty nice deal if you ask me). I enjoyed the volunteer time as I got to chat with Illinois Library Association employees and other volunteers at the conference. But, lastly, I did a little presenting of my own. Last summer while I was taking my Library User Instruction class, I received an email from the GSLIS office to submit a proposal for a poster session during the conference. I chose to submit a proposal on research I did on distance education in public libraries since my professor recommended  that my work should be published. With this poster session, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try a  different form of presentation and test out publishing my research. Overall, the poster session went very well, and I hope to have edits and further research done on my paper by the time I graduate in May 2016. For more information on my research, please go to the Library State of Mind page on my Adult Services Intern site.