Thoughts on next year

Next Thursday, I’ll be meeting with various staff who have expressed interest in mentoring someone in the next cohort of interns (2016-2017). Dominican has committed to supporting three interns with tuition waivers. This prevents a bit of a challenge because we have more than twice as many interested mentors.

So, here are some questions for everyone to consider. Does it make sense to have one primary mentor for each intern, or would having two co-mentors work better? Are there are specific areas of the library that naturally make more sense to serve as an intern’s base or hub throughout the year?


Placements and Salaries

If you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to take a look at LJ’s latest set of articles about job placements and salaries in libraries. It’s always interesting to see the trends for salary increases (or decreases), position types, etc.

One of the articles focuses on job search skills and strategies. Here’s an excerpt:

Strategies that students used successfully for the search began during their education by gaining experience through practicums and internships, beginning to develop professional social networks, volunteering in professional situations, and starting the search well before graduation.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I think most people know by now that gaining practical experience and developing a professional network are both key parts of landing a good job after school and beyond. A big part of our internship program is designed with those two things in mind!

I recommend spending some time exploring all of the data. If you have any thoughts or questions from reading through the articles, share them with the group!


Why this blog?

As we discussed in our first reflection session, the point of this blog is to have an online space for interns, mentors, advisors, and administrators to share quick updates, pose questions, and discuss issues that pertain to our profession.

Please try to update regularly (whatever that means to you and however much you can fit into your schedule). And don’t forget to check in regularly to read what others are posting and commenting.

This is a public blog, so feel free to share with other students, colleagues, etc. who may be interested.