2020 Vision

New year, new blog post! Holiday break meant no homework, time with my family, and, let’s be real, a chance to catch up on Netflix! This short vacation has left me feeling energized and ready for what’s ahead–exactly what a vacation should do.

One of the classes I’m taking this spring is Storytelling. I chose to enroll because of high recommendations from Dominican alums here at SPL, and because I could definitely gain more confidence in my public speaking! Our first story is meant to be told to preschoolers. Great! I’m a pro! Storytimes from first semester have left me totally prepared! Where’s my flannel board?! The only caveat is…no props in class. I think it will go well, and I know I always have my trusty animal noises to fall back on.

The other class I’m taking this semester is an online class about social media. While I’m not an active social media user personally, I know how important it is to be aware of the different platforms and comfortable using them. So far, the class has given me ideas of how to incorporate social media in youth programming for my future career. It’s also gotten me out of my comfort zone technology-wise, and encouraged me to try new things, which are helpful skills to have both personally and professionally!

This semester at SPL has already started off well, with a preschool visit, desk time, and lots of pulling resources for teachers. I look forward to what’s next!


2 thoughts on “2020 Vision

  1. Matt MacKellar says:

    It sounds like you have a great diversity of classes this semester! It’s been interesting to see how social media has evolved in my own life… I use it far less in my personal life but more in my professional life these days!

    Ah yes, nothing makes you appreciate Netflix quite as much as a break from school!


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