Feeling Educated

“An Education is not so much about making a living as making a person”

– Tara Westover, “Educated”

My first official Senior Services interaction and I have to say…WOW. What an experience!

In today’s Talking Books session, we discussion Tara Westover’s memoir, Educated. Westover tells the story of her survivalist upbringing in rural Idaho and the strength it took to overcome her abusive upbringing to embark on a journey of education – worldly and scholarly.

With 17 patrons, and 3 staff members (Matt, Judy, and myself), the conversation was stimulating and endless. It is said that it’s rude to talk about politics and religion (you never know who you’re going to offend), but todays crowd was anything but shy on either topic! Varying opinions, judgements, and curiosities filled the air with enthusiasm and passion. Though at times that enthusiasm and passion could be derailing, setting the group back on course and my structuring the conversation was well received.

What was perhaps the most interesting and rewarding aspect of leading today’s Talking Book was listening to the different perspectives, feelings, and reactions to the memoir based on each individuals background and experiences. (It is important to note that the group was of various ages – not all “seniors.”) Patrons shared personal anecdotes, parallel readings related to the topic, and even brought their own expertise and language into the conversation.

I wish my grandfather could have been there to join in. He would have loved it.

I’m very excited and hopeful to join in on next month’s reading, Forces of Nature, by Jane Harper, to hear what the group has to say next! Hopefully we’ll see them all again at Savvy Skokie Seniors!


5 thoughts on “Feeling Educated

  1. Matt MacKellar says:

    Lydia, you were so well-prepared, thoughtful, flexible, warm, and capable–even when the discussion got “lively”! Incredibly well-done!


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