Preschoolers and their Pets

October has been a busy month for the Skokie interns! Earlier this month, I made my first solo trip to the British Infant School for storytime. I was lucky enough to observe Miss Laura do her storytime at the same preschool, so I felt comfortable that morning. I was just as excited to present my storytime, as the kids were to hear it. The theme is “pets,” because 1. I am an overenthusiastic dog mom to my own dog, Daisy and 2. Having kids make animal sounds is so fun! I tried to keep the energy in the room up and positive. The kids were responsive to the books I brought, to the counting activity we did, and to the puppet “pets” that came along with me. However, their favorite activity was “walking the dog,” with scarves. We walked them around the rug, then did tricks like sit, jump, and roll over! With all the fun we had, I think everyone needed an afternoon nap—including myself!

Last week, Quetzalli, Lydia M., and I travelled to Tinley Park to the ILA Conference. We got to meet librarians and see what’s going on with libraries all over the state. I attended mostly Youth Services-focused sessions, which reaffirmed things I’ve already been trying to work on—like including diverse characters and authors in early childhood programming—and added some new ideas—like having adaptive and accessible resources in storytime for young patrons with special needs. My favorite session was one about getting ideas for programming from unique sources, which has sparked my creativity. I’ve been looking for ideas wherever I go now! 

In addition to collecting resources for preschool teachers, and working at the Youth Services desk, things have really been ramping up. I have been excited about the work I’ve been doing, and have been trying to soak up everything I can!


5 thoughts on “Preschoolers and their Pets

  1. skokielaura says:

    The preschool visit sounds great! And I’m glad you enjoyed your experience at ILA. It’s a great chance to connect with other librarians from all over and get new ideas.


  2. Thank you for planning such an engaging storytime, Lydia! You have a great mix of stories, songs, and games that keep those little kids interested and learning. I’m glad to hear your school, internship, and conference experiences are all working together to help you grow into a knowledgeable and passionate librarian!


  3. montelyd says:


    WOW! I hope the seniors in Skokie are as enthusiastic about programming as the kids at your preschool were to your story time! I don’t remember having ever gone to a story time as a kid that was as engaging and interactive as yours. Being an overenthusiastic dog mom myself (her picture is on my cup today and everything) I love your topic as well!

    It was so nice getting to spend some time with you and Quetzalli at ILA! Even though that last session was primarily geared towards Youth Services it was my favorite, too!


  4. Matt MacKellar says:

    It’s great to hear about your efforts at inclusion and accessibility in your work… it’s so important that libraries lead the way in this. And the bookmobile visited the British Infant School for many years, so I’m glad to hear they’re in good hands!


  5. quetzallivcortez says:

    Kids love your storytime! I’ve had some kids at different programs tell me how much they love your storytime. ILA was so much fun, I loved hanging out with you and Lydia M. The session about getting programming ideas from unique sources was also one of my favorites.


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