Chronicles of an Intern

Day: 3

Orientation has come and gone and now beings the work.

These first few days at Skokie Public Library have been overwhelmingly positive. Each staff member has been welcoming, the building warm and inviting, and the overall feel of the community strong within the building. Although my primary focus will be in senior services, I am glad to have the opportunity to learn about librarianship in such a concrete organization.

Having grown up with a strong grandparental presence, I have a passion for working with seniors and making sure that their needs and wants are met – great start for a senior services intern, right? Well, in the short amount of time I’ve spent at the SPL thus far, it is clear that there is more to catering to our seniors than I had anticipated.

Isolation, poverty, and accessibility are just a few topics that effect our seniors liveliness. With SPL offering services such as homebound delivery, opportunities for socializing and learning through programing, even collaborations with government workers to provide resources and aid to seniors goes above and beyond my expectations.

I look forward to learning more about senior services and to collaborations with various SPL staff to learn more about the library in general. I’m honored and very proud to be welcomed to the SPL team and gain the experience of a lifetime!

Lydia Montemayor
Senior Services Intern
Skokie Public Library


4 thoughts on “Chronicles of an Intern

  1. Lydia R says:

    Hey Lydia! SPL has done a great job welcoming us and making us feel at home as new interns. Our CE office is so inviting, and I am happy to be sharing a workspace with you! With your compassion, Skokie seniors will definitely benefit from your work with them. Looking forward to see what’s in store for us down the road.


  2. quetzallivcortez says:

    Hi Lydia! You are so passionate about senior care, it shine through in your work. Skokie seniors will be thrilled to have someone as compassionate and excited as you working with them to make their experience here at SPL even better. I think it’s fantastic that you’re working with Skokie seniors since there are so many things that effect their livelihood. I can’t wait to see what you do!


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