End of Year Wrap-Up

In a thought process that will surprise no one who has spent time with me, I was having a hard time wrapping up my semester – both for the blog, as well as for Lynnanne and my semester paper for Kate. I was feeling as if I hadn’t done very much, so I forced myself to make a list of the major things I would want to reflect upon for the end of this semester and calendar year.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend some excellent programs that have made me think about future programming ideas and shown me the myriad of program types the library offers. The ESL cafe and Career Action Group were both observational opportunities that really seemed to be making a serious individual difference to our patrons.

Skokie also provided me with some excellent opportunities to attend events outside of the library. Most notably the ILA Annual Conference in Peoria, but also a book discussion about The Leavers through the ARRT. I have now joined both ILA and ARRT and hope to further my involvement with both communities. Today I have also gotten to attend a book group meeting in the morning, discuss my observations about the differences between adult and children’s book groups with Lynnanne, and finalize and schedule my own book group meeting for April.

I have also gotten to learn more deeply about the library as a whole, attending a board meeting earlier this month, riding the bookmobile and attending the EDI training with Corie Wallace which was excellent and thought-provoking.

I have gotten the opportunity to do a lot of asynchronous Reader’s Advisory work through Bookmatch/Screenmatch and making lists (one of which was featured on the main Skokie website and shared by SPL on Facebook! A nerd dream come true). I have worked on data collection for a couple of different AS initiatives and helped assess some reference websites for art appraisal.

I have also learned a lot about what makes a meeting effective. I have been really struggling with a poorly organized committee at one of my jobs and it has really been calming to see that running a meeting is a skill that should be continuously re-examined and honed. Seeing Lynnanne come up with new ideas for use in the Adult Services meetings really embodies the idea of a growth mindset that is pervasive at SPL. These are also concepts that have been illustrated in the Innovation Spaces meetings I have gotten to attend, the Lunch & Learn sessions, and all of our Dominican-Skokie reflection sessions. Within these meetings, articles and concepts are often brought up and sent around to further provoke thought and discussion. Today’s Innovation Spaces meeting will include discussion of an article Mimosa brought up in a previous Innovation Spaces meeting.

I also was able to meet with the team I am working with for my next semester project and I am so excited to delve deeply into creating a Youth Services Bookmatch system. Working with such a talented group of people on this project will teach me a great deal and having to manage the timeline/meetings/etc as well will teach me powerful lessons in leadership and teamwork.



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