Thoughts on my time here so far…

It’s amazing to me that the first semester is almost over.  There have been so many ways that I have seen this place and the people who work here make a difference in patron’s lives.  The thoughtful programming that is offered, the personal interactions with patrons and the enthusiasm for the work that is done here is inspiring.  It’s so much fun to be sitting at the desk and watch young adults interact with the librarians that they’ve known since they attended story time, or parents come in and show pictures and tell stories of their kids that had been using the library their whole lives.  This semester I’ve had the chance to learn about many aspects of librarianship, from collection management to reader’s advisory to working with partners in the community to provide services.

Looking forward to next semester, I’d like to become more active in engaging with patrons through story times, helping to plan for the picture book reorganization project as well as by spending more time at the desk, which has been a tremendous learning experience.   I feel like the past few months have shown me how much I didn’t know about being a librarian, but also how much is possible in this field. There are so many opportunities to be creative and also to advocate for the things and people you care about.  I’m looking forward to the experiences that next semester will bring.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on my time here so far…

  1. Thanks for the update. I’m excited for you to dive deeper into story times and collection work. Is there anything else you’re interested in connecting with throughout the library? Please let me know if I can help.


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