Time Does Fly…

It’s true, especially when you’re having fun.  I have had a lot of fun and learning in my role as the Adult Services Intern.  This internship experience has been amazing and certainly career changing.  If I had doubts about a public libraries career path when I started, those doubts no longer exist.

My life experience has allowed me to view this time from a unique perspective.  I’ve been in enough work settings to know that this experience should not be taken for granted. No one “had to” set up this internship program, agree to be a mentor or trust in me, and the other interns, not to totally screw up.  I have great appreciation for the opportunities that the interns have been given here.

I participated in a broad spectrum of activities, within the Adult Services department and elsewhere in the library, including book discussions, pop-ups, and patron training and programs.  Everyone in this building has been supportive and helpful in finding my way.  I also learned so much from each patron interaction, project, training session, or by simply spending time on service desks with different people.  The realization that the skills I bring to this profession are relevant and will contribute to my future career success is huge, and I would not have the confidence to believe this if I hadn’t participated in this internship.

I’m saddened that the internship is coming to a close.  I’m also hopeful that the stops on my future career path will provide me the opportunities to learn and truly contribute, as I was able to do here.


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