New semester reflections

Echoing the posts from Rachel and Colleen this month, there has been much reflection this past month regarding my internship, my final semester in graduate school and my career. The first half of the internship was so action packed and full of opportunities for development.  There was so much to absorb as it came to an end.

During the winter break, I also had a chance to reflect over the course that I took at Dominican in the Fall, Issues of Access, Advocacy and Policy in Youth Services, and the course in which I’m currently enrolled, Assessment of Programs, Services and Organizational Practices and consider how they informed my internship and practicum.  It took me a while to decide on what would be a relevant 801 project, despite talking about a few options with my mentor, Holly, in November.  I finally settled on a project designed by Amy Koester which is going to assist her in determining the optimal number and arrangement of school-age program offerings during the year. I’m pleased that this project will compliment the course that I’m taking this semester.  Before I attended the Outcomes Committee meeting on the 16th and the Data Summit on the 25th, I can honestly say that I never thought too deeply about outcomes and program assessment.  Since the last meeting, I haven’t been able to stop noticing these words in my work – perhaps because I am in Community Engagement, which so heavily relies on measuring outcomes, assessing impact and evaluating all things outreach.  Now I’m hooked!  I’m looking forward to bringing some of my assignments into my office and hopefully helping to collect and assess information in a small yet helpful way.

Lastly, just a note about the community and some of the outreach that I’ve done since I last posted.  I was so happy to go on a school visit today with my colleague, Laura.  We read stories to two sections of 2 and 3 year olds at Cheder Lubavitch, a Jewish preschool not far from the library.  It was a pleasure to meet with the preschool’s director and hear from her that she looks forward to the visits from the library.  She attended sessions by both of us and said she always feels like she learns something new.  You can imagine how thrilled Laura and I were to hear that!  The director requested that we not read any books with talking animals in them which really stretched me to look at our collection differently.  It was a great exercise and though I was nervous that I might accidentally offend or make a mistake, we all still had a wonderful time.  It was wonderful to have a class of 18 three year old girls dancing “The Winter Pokey” with me and laughing.  The director liked that song so much she said she plans to use it right away in classes.  Again, that made me feel amazing.

This month has been so full.  In addition to these great experiences, I also attended Staff Day ‘18 and felt really lucky to be part of this library.  I enjoyed seeing so many colleagues all at once, meeting new people through game that we had and talking with new people about the space plan.  Bring it on, February!


3 thoughts on “New semester reflections

  1. Holly says:

    You’ve worked hard to align your academic and practical experiences, which is the best way to get the most out of your internship and graduate program. It’s hard to believe the semester is almost over. I’m looking forward to seeing the data you collected on school age learning interests!


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