Late Orientation Reflection

I felt a little incapable of writing this post after orientation last week. I was overwhelmed in the best possible way by a lot of new information and friendly faces, but after taking the time to process the two-day experience I finally feel prepared. Don’t dissect my use of the word “prepared” here because it strictly refers to my ability to write less than 250 words in a quiet office at 8:30pm on a Friday. No, prepared in the larger sense is going to take this entire year to actualize, but after just a few days with the Skokie Public Library staff I know I’m on my way to that sense of being. It’s taken three years of graduate school, but “prepared” is nearly within my reach and I have this internship to thank for that. I don’t want to get ahead of myself because I’ve only just begun (to liiiiiiive, okay sorry), but the practical skills I’ve already learned from just ten hours of shadowing is invaluable. I can tell this is going to be what makes me truly ready to serve a public library and its community and I’m more than prepared to do the work now to ensure that potential is actualized.


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