Thoughts at the beginning of my internship

My name is Emily Meszaros and I am the Community Engagement and Youth Services Intern for 2017-18.  While I have worked at libraries before, this is the beginning of a new career for me after many years in the field of cultural exchange.

I have really enjoyed the orientation to the internship alongside my fellow interns.  I enjoyed exploring the library as a group as well as going on a scavenger hunt to dig deeper into the collections.  I was astounded to see how many people work behind the scenes on the third floor!  When I began my MLIS program, I came to visit Skokie Public Library for one of my introductory classes to compare and contrast public libraries. What impressed me then and continues to do so about SPL is the scope of materials offered- from youth to adult.  There are such a variety of materials!  On my own I researched the library’s leadership and the legacy that Carolyn Anthony created.  After doing so, I was hooked and knew that I wanted to be involved here!

What I would like to practice over the next month is how to be helpful to my department.  I can offer a new perspective and hopefully propose innovative ideas and practices of my own.  I am very inspired by the progressive mission of the library and to be working with so many people who are committed to the mission and vision of SPL and who share and promote the same values.  I am equally excited to be working in such a special community.  We are living and working in difficult times, and I would like to practice how to best engage and serve patrons- not only under ideal circumstances.


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