Skokie Welcomes Everyone – Including Library Interns

Hello – my name is Meredith. I’m one of the two new excited (and highly excitable) Access Services interns who will be here at Skokie Public Library through the fall and spring as I work toward my MLIS degree from Dominican University.  I’ve just been through a whirlwind two days of internship orientation, and from the moment our cohort of interns was greeted at the door with a bags of SPL swag from our mentors, through the van tour through the streets of Skokie where we learned more about the community we’ll be serving, it has been a welcoming, thoughtful, and thought-provoking experience.

It has been quite interesting to learn more about my fellow interns and the varied paths we have all taken to arrive here. I have a background in user experience, and as part of my MLIS program, I am working toward a Digital Curation certificate, so I am really looking forward to learning all the ins and outs of Access Services with Annabelle, Lindsay, and the rest of the Access Services group. I’ve been through classes that cover metadata (glorious metadata), collection development, and the impact of technology on libraries, but they all feel a bit unconnected at the moment, so I am really looking forward to learning how it all fits together in the real world. I am also looking forward to desk time in various areas of the library that will give me hands-on experience with Skokie folks. In general, I appreciate the flexible approach to the internship program and the cohort model – I have already learned so much just from the formal and informal conversations we’ve had in the last two days. I also appreciate that everyone I’ve met here so far understands the importance of knowing the best places to eat. I hope to also learn how to resize images in WordPress to make them smaller. Talk soon!

access services


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