How Did I Get So Lucky??

Hi, I’m Colleen and I’m so incredibly thrilled to have been given the opportunity to intern at the Skokie Public Library.  When I heard about the program before beginning at Dominican, I thought that the internship would be a perfect bridge for me in going from the business world to the public library world, and would enable me to see how things, in a then mysterious world, actually happened.   It sounded great but I never would have dreamed that I would be granted one of the scholarships, and now, here I am.

These past two days of orientation have been amazing, and overwhelming.  Amazing in a way that I’ve been able to meet and connect with the four other great interns, who each bring their own unique experiences and viewpoints to the table.  Also amazing is just the structure of the orientation itself.  It is clear that this program is of importance to the team and our introductory training reflects this.  The team members who have taken the time to meet and share with us are true professionals and I can only aspire to be such a developed librarian.

Witnessing such developed professional skills is also a bit overwhelming.  Making the decision to completely switch careers was a big leap for me and I realize, even clearer now, how much I still need to learn.  I think this will be a very supportive and open environment to learn and grow, and face new experiences.  The library seems to have such a thoughtful approach to decision making and implementation, also keeping the well-being or best outcome for the stakeholders  in mind.  I’m so pleased to be learning under this model and hope to use it as the basis for my actions as I begin my career in librarianship.

Having lived near Skokie for many years, I was aware of the great reputation of the library and how it served its patrons.  However, it wasn’t until this orientation that I realized  the commitment of the library to its culture statement for the library staff.  The fact that this purposefully developed statement exists is a good thing, but the fact that it is supported and practiced at all levels is… amazing.  This type of culture doesn’t just happen.  It takes a lot of hard work by all parties.  Not only is the Skokie Public Library a great place to work as a library professional, but any company in any industry that had a culture like this would be an employer of choice in a heartbeat.

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