Screenmatch, Final Internship Reflection, What Happens Next?

It’s hard to believe my days here at Skokie Public Library are coming to an end. It only feels like yesterday that I felt like a fresh face almost naive intern just beginning to learn the ropes of a large library. I can say without a doubt that this internship has been one of the best things that I could of ever been apart of-both personally and professionally. I look at being a librarian with a wide set of eyes, confident and re-affirming my passion for the librarianship profession.

As a result of this internship, I have gained a wide set of experiences and skills to take to libraries, public or not. And I am excited to take my skills and experiences to other libraries and really develop my career, wherever it may be.

After much thinking about my ultimate career goals, I have decided that I want to eventually go into a management role in Human Resources at a larger library or possibly go into library consulting.

As for internship wrap up, I presented a draft of Screenmatch to staff today with lots of great feedback and comments. Even though I will be ending the internship next Monday, I am excited to see final tweaks to the form and see the progression of a project that feels like my child.

Thank you all for reading and expressing interest into my internship this year. While I am sad to leave soon, I am excited for what’s ahead next!




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