Operations Snapshot Reflection

Last week Wednesday, we had an opportunity to do a behind the scenes tour of library operations here at Skokie. First part of the day was learning about the IT department. One of the biggest takeaways for me was how important redundancy is to the IT infrastructure. In addition, even though Skokie has it’s own department, many libraries have it’s librarians troubleshoot their own IT services so it’s important to know every aspect of technology.

The second part of the day was learning about administration. The key to Skokie’s success has been looking at the greater impact and implementing a flipped classroom model. In addition, we learned about the types of libraries in the Illinois area, budgeting, board meetings, and when the library has an FOIA request come in.

Later in the day, we learned more about maintenance and security. In the earlier part of the internship, we had an overview of security, so this session was more focused on maintenance. Some of the most important parts of this session for me was considering American Disabilities Act (ADA) laws into a building’s infrastructure, municipality codes, and the importance of having a good disaster plan ready.

However, the session that impacted me the most was meeting with Human Resources. Even though I am applying for library jobs, I realized during this session that I have a stronger interest in possibly becoming the head of a human resources department for a library rather than becoming a director. I have found a lot of experiences (both good and bad) in applying for library jobs that I could implement later in a human resources position.


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