Sharp Objects and Google Drive

The month of February has been incredibly busy for me, so I apologize for not posting on here. Updates:

Google Drive Class:
I taught a two part class to parents at McCracken Middle School on Google Drive. The first class I had three attendees, and the second I had one. Despite a lower attendance, it gave me an opportunity to teach a smaller class. The attendees all said they were glad that the library came to teach a class at the school, they just suggested the school should of marketed it better to the parents. All in all, it was a good experience and I got to meet some great Moms in the Skokie community.

Sharp Objects Book Discussion:
As of today I finished my two part book discussion of Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. The reason I chose this book, was because Gillian Flynn is one of my favorite authors, and with the popularity of Gone Girl, this would give readers the opportunity to experience some of her other works. Despite some poor reviews of the book, both discussions were very fluid and well thought out. Part of this experience allowed for me the opportunity to experience patrons who wanted to express concerns over the book discussion selections. And, while I am only the messenger because of being an intern, it gave me experience to be calm under perhaps a more tense environment.

Adulting: Job Edition Program:
In addition to the book discussion, and class, my career services program was held last week. This program had a low attendance, but it gave the panel an opportunity to interact with attendees more intimately. My suggestion to improve this programming, since I am one of the young professionals would be to hold something similar off site (bar, restaurant) since this is an audience that does not typically come to the library for programs. 

February has been an eventful month all around. I am continuing weeding projects, and work on my watcher’s advisory project in addition to all of this. Up next, I will discuss progress on my watcher’s advisory project,  so stay tuned!


One thought on “Sharp Objects and Google Drive

  1. Thanks for the update, Rachel. Can’t wait to hear more about the watcher’s advisory project.

    I’m curious, what types of concerns did the book discussion attendees share? Can you think of ways to address the concerns?


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