Last Few Weeks of Practicum

unnamed2Hello All!

​These last few weeks have been a bit crazy as I have been finishing up and starting new projects here at Skokie and for my Collection Management class. This week, I have started an ongoing project to weed the Romance section. So far, I have only pulled materials for my cart, and when I am at the Reader’s Services desk I will be scanning items to see if they fit the weeding criteria. My weeding criteria is as follows:

1) Items in poor, worn or ugly condition that are candidates for replacement or withdrawal
2) Low-circulating older items that didn’t come up in collection check because of one checkout (esp. if the checkout was an ILL)
3) Duplicate copies of older items that have an average turnover rate of less than 4 per title, especially when the author is very well-represented in our collection.
4) High-circulating single-copy older items, which might warrant adding another copy
5) General observations about areas that are not doing as well, are over- or under-represented, etc.

I am excited to see this collection shape into something more visually appealing, and to possibly better represent all types of romantic relationships.

In terms of finishing projects, one of my requirements for the Practicum portion of the internship is to write a paper on a topic I’m currently working on. I decided to write my paper on the importance of offering career services in public libraries and the program I planned for next semester that is geared towards young professionals. To read my entire research, see the bottom of my post.

I also taught a basics iPad class the last two weeks on Monday nights. The first class had a few kinks that needed to be worked out. I have never taught such a basic introductory class as a regular iPad user, my pace was much quicker than the class could handle. The second class, however went much better. I was more patient with the class, my pace was slower, and I felt like I had more control of the class.  The only other project that I have been working on since I previously posted is updating the Skokie centennial page on the Skokie Wiki redevelopment. This project is ongoing, so more is continued to come!




2 thoughts on “Last Few Weeks of Practicum

  1. Thanks for the update. It sounds like you have definitely jumped in and are keeping busy with some meaningful work. The kind of practical experience you’re getting with things like collection maintenance and teaching will really pay off when you start looking for FT work.


  2. skokielaura says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying your collection work! I think a lot of people don’t realize how involved and time consuming collection maintenance can be and about all the different criteria used for weeding.


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